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High Quality vs. Low Quality Laundry Balls

Cheaper isn't always better. SmartKlean is composed of high-quality, custom mineral ceramics and a unique enclosure. The outstanding quality of our product is the result of 15 years of product development experience and model upgrades to exceed our customers' expectations.

How to identify a poor quality laundry ball:

Priced at less than $25.00 – The raw minerals and labor it requires to fuse these into ceramics is not a cheap process if done ethically. If a laundry ball that is meant to last you years is retailed for less than this cost, chances are it's a product that was built with cheap components and/or won't function as promised.

Limited Information – If the description provides very few details about the product, and there is no information on the types of ceramics, ingredients, or functions, chances are it's low quality.

Added Fragrances – Any laundry balls with fragrances is a clear indication that there are added chemicals. This defeats the purpose of the concept and technology behind the product meant to replace chemical-laden laundry products. 

Claims of washing 1000 loads – The SmartKlean family have tested dozens upon dozens of laundry balls with these claims over a span of 10 years, and have found that these products don't live up to their promise. About 90% of these do not wash with the same potency after the 100th load. Over a span of 11 years (since 2009), SmartKlean Laundry Ball has withstood the test of time, and has been upgraded four times to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Unoriginal enclosure / shell – if you find one laundry ball identical to another brand's laundry ball and no actual logo is on the ball, this is another indication of a laundry ball of poor quality. These are all usually purchased from the same supplier and no work is done on improving the models (the same ones have been sold for over 10 years with no improvements made).

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10 Reasons to Buy Directly from SmartKlean

1. Laundry Balls Are Like Shoes: Quality Actually Matters.
Our laundry ball  differs from cheaper models because of the quality of the raw materials used to develop its active ceramics and a specialized process of fusing the minerals into the ceramics. Sadly, we've discovered that  low quality laundry balls actually mix surfactants, artificial fragrances and other synthetic chemicals with the minerals to mark down the price. This defeats its purpose.


2. 11 Years of Expertise & Live Support
Unlike other laundry balls, we provide much more information and research about our product than just a page or a small paragraph. We like to know as much information as possible about the products we use at home and encourage you to do the same with ours. The wealth of information found on our website covers every aspect of our product such as ingredients & safety data, FAQs, reviews and most important, customer service!


3. Award-Winning Product with Worldwide Recognition
SmartKlean carries a brand presence in over 40 countries. Our product has made an appearance in several
TV and print publications in US and Canada and has been tested, reviewed and approved by numerous respected online publications.

4. Product Specialization
Many companies that sell laundry balls along with many other products don’t offer the same value and knowledge because much of their resources are spent on a multitude of products and sales rather than the research, development and improvement of 1 product. When you reach out to us, you will speak directly to the founders who know the product extensively –not a customer service representative reading information off a computer screen, who has never actually seen or used our product.


5. Ethical and Environmental Production
We’ve put every effort into making sure our laundry ball is produced with the least amount of impact on the environment as possible starting from the harvesting of the raw materials used in our product to the end product. Going beyond manufacturing, we make sure our facilities and business practices are ethical and eco-friendly as well. 


6. Genuine Care & Education
Our passion is raising awareness for the wellness of others and our planet. On our social media platforms we provide a wealth of research & information on laundry, health and environmental topics that can save you a great deal of money and can even help prevent illnesses. 


7. “Greenwash”-free
It is our hope that the decades worth of awareness campaigns we share to our followers at no cost can demonstrate our genuine care about your health and our environment, not just because it's a good marketing strategy or trendy to be a ‘green’ company.


8. Fast-Shipping
We actually carry the products in our warehouse, unlike many websites or catalog firms that have drop-shipping and other arrangements. As a result, we are better acquainted with the product and also offer faster and more reliable shipping.


9. Personable, high integrity
In essence, we are a family of activists that simply want to make this world a better place. Together we are very much in tune with everything that is happening in all aspects of production, deliveries and customer engagement in order to assure a maximum level of quality and to really keep in touch with our customer needs. 


10. Passion
We truly love what we do and are completely devoted to providing the best quality laundry solution for you and the environment!

Check out
Our Story and the SmartKlean Family Mission!

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