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Meet the SmartKlean Family


SmartKlean is a family of entrepreneurs, activists, and lovers of nature. In 2008, the loss of our beloved Grandma Pepita to pancreatic cancer was a wake up call to the reality of the many hidden toxins in our lives. This event in our family’s life was the catalyst of a massive change in our health, mindset and lifestyle. By feeling the almost-instant positive results this shift brought into all of our lives, we fully committed to live and promote a more harmonious relationship with our bodies and Mother Nature.

The Birth of SmartKlean


In 2009, we discovered a product through a close family friend. He excitedly shared with us an invention he considers his life’s work: The laundry ball. He designed a technology that improved and updated older laundry discs and balls that were only somewhat known in Europe decades ago.

Astonished by the results of this product, we banded together to brand and share the laundry ball with the world. SmartKlean® was born and quickly became the most internationally recognized laundry ball. Since 2009, we have released 4 SmartKlean® Laundry Ball models, each time fine-tuning and perfecting its technology.

Press Coverage

Our Reach & Press Coverage

SmartKlean® is an award-winning brand that's made an appearance in national television (U.S & Canada) as well as wonderful publications across North America. Our products have been distributed in over 40 countries worldwide.

SmartKlean has been featured on NBC, Today Show, ABC, Parenting Magazine, EcoParent Magazine, The Filtery, Organic Authority, and Parent Tested Parent Approved. 

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